Some Frequently Asked Limo Service Questions:
If you have questions, chances are we've encountered it before. To give you a head start, we've included some of our most often encountered queries here below. Hopefully your answer awaits! If not, just get in touch with us and we'll let you know what the answer is.

How can I book?

You can book a limousine or limo bus by calling or email us! Our agents will ask you a few event details to find you the best vehicle available, give you a quote, and walk you through the booking process!

How much advance notice do you require for reservations?

We have been known to facilitate reservations on the day of your event. However, this is a risky proposition for you... Especially during busy seasons when there's a lot of weddings and proms going on. For surety's sake, we highly recommend calling us to book your limousine or limo bus months in advance to be sure that what you need, is readily available for you on the date of your big day!

Do you require a deposit when making a reservation?

Yes, we do. A deposit shows, in good faith, that we are committing fully to each-other for the duration of time you need. You are being promised a certain vehicle for a certain time. When you make a deposit, at that point we will set aside that particular vehicle just for you, for that given time slot. As we are making a commitment to you, and closing off that vehicle to anyone else, we do require a deposit as you are also making the commitment to us.

Is open alcohol allowed on your limousines and limo buses?

Absolutely! If you are over 21, and legally permitted to drink, we welcome you and everyone else who is over the legal age to drink and live it up in our limousines and limo buses.

Will the vehicle's coolers be stocked with alcohol for us?

No, we cannot provide you with alcohol. But as stated above, you can definitely drink on the vehicles if you are of age and bring your own beverages!

Is smoking of any sort allowed in the limousines & limo buses?

No. We do not allow smoking of any sort in our vehicles at any time. We find that there are less damages, and the appearance and smell of the vehicles stays fresher for a far longer time by not allowing smoking. However, we do allow for unlimited stops and mileage, so if you or anyone in your group needs a smoke break; just let us know! We'll be happy to stop whenever it is safe to do so.

Where do you service?

Our service area covers all of Saint Paul, Minneapolis, and stretches far across Minnesota!